Light Steel energy-saving fans have Display in LED liquid crystal color 8 speeds: Show by number 9 speeds.
Ultra thin design: Oscilatting middle fans is turnable.
14" the height is only 7 cm away from ceiling.
18" the height is only 13 cm away from ceiling.
diameter is 14"、18".
Back is sealed to isolate from ceiling. Will not absorb falling dust.
110V/220V available. Less than 52W during motor functioning. 30~40% power saved than normal e-fans.
The 14" power connector is the US CE explosion-proof safety connector.
The 18" power connector is the UL Pin switch power.
Infrared wireless remote control is available, CE certified wiring and connector.
We use Double ball bearing motors.
ABS anti-static material for shell.
9. Can be connected to air conditioning ductings.
10. Easily installed with the extra panel.
11. Oscillating blade cover to increase coverage. The higher the fan, the more coverage.
12. one year warranty.
For example, an area of 1000 sq ft.
Weili fans takes 50% less time than an air con to cool this space. Effective containing cool air and cover all angles.

Ordinary fans 12" and 14" will use 75-80W.
  High safety standard. No light distortion like other ceiling fans. No more flickering lights.
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