※Weili Air Purifier(Luxury type) (WL-CL5551)
Luxury type Air Purifier

※Feature Description:
1. Ultra-high of air circulation rate:

in and out system using a circulating principle, high efficiency indoor air clean.

2. No dead ends clean Location:

improve air circulation efficiency, more in line with energy saving requirements. (Most retail models installed on the ground, causing cycles more dead ends)

3. Filter effects are guaranteed: photocatalyst, UV, electrostatic precipitators, activated carbon, negative ions, such as multiple security purification to ensure quality security.
4. Increase the living space:

do not take the scope of activities, good use of high cost living space

* Application areas:

hospitals and clinics, kindergartens, cram schools, offices, factories, restaurant, smoking area, gym, residence.

* Also won the Taiwan Patent No. M377486, Chinese patent No. ZL2009.026001.5
Multi-national patent in Japan, the United States, Malaysia, Thailand and Europe.
Model No.
(initial pressure drop)
Electro-static particles colledtd efficiency
(minimum particle diameter)
80%(≦PM5) above 
(0.3 µm)
Negative Ion Output
>1,236,000 ions/cc
Volatile organic compound (VOCs)removing efficiency
80% above
Double ended porcelain UV germicidal lamp efficiency
99% above
Nano photocatalyst
Control method
Wireless remote control (three speed)
External 8-inch duct
Installing Size
Pre-painted steel plate
Power Consumption(W)
Applicable space
66 m²
Electrostatic precipitator average life (years)

Antibacterial, fresh, deodorized, environmental cleanup, confrontation than pollen, dust, Smaller particulates in the air of harmful particles, such as viral, organic solvents photocatalyst deodorant.

Commodity certificated No.R37983 One year warranty Thirty million Taiwan Dollars public liability insurance.
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